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Primary Objective

Our primary objective is to strengthen our relationship with existing customers by improving customer service, and expanding products and value-added services to help our customers build their business.  We will deliver on this commitment by investing in the re-design of our warehouse and information technology to enable consistent and accurate orders, and upgrading the training and development of our employees to enable them to provide better service. In concert with this effort, we have formed partnerships with the Appalachian Region Commission and WorkForce, West Virginia to provide the resources to make our organization more effective and efficient to compete with larger, out-of-state companies.

Secondary Objective

Our second objective is to selectively expand our business into new markets and market segments that leverage our strengths and central location in West Virginia. As a West Virginia "homegrown" company, and full-line regional distributor, we believe we can work with organizations and businesses  from the grass roots consumer level on up to create programs that best satisfy the needs of local customers rather than "top down" driven national programs.  We see great opportunity in non-foods segments including products and programs that help address food safety and sanitation issues and emerging "green" markets for paper and other products.

Our third objective is to strengthen our relationship and  partnerships with our suppliers to provide access to a broader array of quality products that meet changing consumer needs.  Whether it is new trends in fresh seafood, new generations of appetizers, healthy or "natural" foods, or new packaging, we want to be able to keep our customers informed of trends and solutions that help them succeed. We offer our suppliers a number of marketing ideas from our "Menus for Profit" program, featured items in sales flyers, and new opportunities soon to be available on our website. 

Finally, as a third-generation family-owned and operated business, our underlying objective has never wavered since 1913 to continue a tradition of personalized service that is open, friendly, sincere, and committed to going the extra mile for our customers.